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Oh Hey, an SMB Solutions Shortlist (and We're on It!)

We woke up to some awesome news today: Copper made the Constellation Research ShortList for best SMB sales automation solutions!

Context: Constellation Research is a Silicon Valley-based tech research and advisory firm (so they know their way around CRMs—and probably every other tool in our tech stack), so we're super excited to be on this list.

This Constellation ShortList focuses on solutions that can do more than the basics (what they call "core competencies" like lead, contact, and opportunity tracking); the tools that made the list also have to be scalable, easy to adopt, and have great product vision.

(P.S. Did we mention teams love how easy it is to use Copper...)

A few of the criteria Constellation used:

  • Ease of use / user interface
copper crm user interface
Easy to use? Guilty as charged.

And that's only a few on the (really long) list.

How did Constellation put the list together?

Their team evaluated over 70(!) solutions in our category through a bunch of different channels: client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, and more. So it was pretty extensive.

Why's Copper such a great fit for SMBs anyway?

According to Constellation's evaluation, SMBs have limited resources and budget (they are small-to-medium-sized, after all). And as SMBs grow and scale, they need something that can grow with them. Having a few hundred customers is definitely not the same as having tens of thousands of customers—as LumApps knows well.

In a nutshell, Copper is one of Constellation's best-of-breed vendors that can do it all—without being bundled into other tools and platforms.

In other words, if we can make life easier for you, we'll try our best to make it happen.

Working at an SMB? You know what to do.

Take Copper for a spin with a 14-day free trial and tell us if this whole ShortList hullabaloo was the real deal.

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