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Copper acquires Sherlock

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Author photo: Dennis Fois

Dennis Fois


We're delighted to announce the acquisition of engagement analytics platform Sherlock.

Please note that we have sunset Sherlock as of Nov. 3, 2023. Thank you for all your support!

Throughout 2020 Copper sought ways to help our clients build more meaningful relationships with their prospects and customers, knowing this was the best path to lasting revenue.

We understand that these relationships - real, authentic connections with human beings - are the lifeblood of businesses everywhere. And yet CRMs today seem suited only to faithfully logging data, at the expense of talking to prospects and making real progress. They behave merely as glorified databases for the organizations that grudgingly adopt them.

This leaves businesses with no choice but to blast their message out to thousands upon thousands of people, hoping that a fraction of a percentage of them will respond. It’s a bad strategy: Data from Statista projects that the number of emails sent and received will surpass 347 billion per day by 2022, up from 269 billion in 2018, 55% of which are cold. And yet response rates dropped a full 37% throughout 2020, according to industry benchmarks.

We believe the future of CRM is about servicing only those prospects who have expressed a specific interest in your company. And servicing your customers on their timelines, not yours.

And we’ve just acquired a company to help with that.

Introducing Sherlock

Sherlock is an innovative engagement analytics and scoring platform, and surfaces your prospects' and customers’ intentions in a way that drives action for sales, account management and customer success professionals.

The premise is simple: your customers and prospects engage with you in certain ways: they read your emails, they use your software, or they look at your marketing materials. When Sherlock is fully integrated, it will allow your teams to see exactly how and when these assets are being entertained. It will show you where buyers are at in their journey. It will surface key usage and metrics in the form of a profile that you define, and will give you your next best engagement strategy.

In acquiring Sherlock, we also brought in CEO Derek Skaletsky, now Copper’s Head of Product Led Growth. What a coup! Derek was formerly the CEO of Kissmetrics and founder of other tech solutions, and brings so much depth to the table. He’s already fully onboarded and dedicated to bringing the compelling premise of Sherlock into Copper.

Imagine a world where you would always know exactly who to contact next and what their need was. You could build relationships with real empathy, not guesswork. That is the promise of a CRM designed for action; not merely a system of record, and that is what we believe we can accomplish with Copper and Sherlock integrated into a single system.

The Future of CRM

We believe that your CRM should do so much more for you than it does today. It should help you surface priorities and enable your team to do its best, most meaningful work. It should never require logging data; only acting on it.

What Sherlock has built to enable businesses today is just the starting point for how it can help Copper customers. Relationships are based on engagement, and with Sherlock we are going to create CRM that is focused on action and momentum. It will never slow you down. It will make your relationships stronger and drive lasting revenue.

You’re here today to meet your buyers where they are and support them with value-oriented selling along the way. We’re here to help you find them, in the right way, at the right time, for optimum collaboration and results.

It's time to put an end to 135 billion cold emails.


We plan to publish monthly updates on our progress. Please subscribe for updates over in the left menu to get on the list.

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