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5 reasons to fall for Copper vs. Salesforce CRM

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Author photo: Carrie Shaw

Carrie Shaw

Chief Marketing Officer

Trying to decide between Copper vs. Salesforce? Let's see how they compare.

Choosing a CRM for your business isn't easy — it's more than just a place to store your contacts. A good CRM lies at the heart of your business. It enables you to effortlessly organize and connect with your contacts, growing your relationships and network in the process.

Copper in particular is so easy to use that it fills the gap between the manual burden of spreadsheets and the frustrating complexity of a typical CRM system that can take outsourcing a consultant to get you onboarded. And of course, the revenue flows more easily from the stronger, deeper relationships that you form thanks to your CRM software.

Here's a closer look at the differences between Copper CRM vs Salesforce software.

1. Copper fits within budgets.

Salesforce software is pretty pricey. Their base plan pricing may seem reasonable, but upon further inspection, it's clear their base plans are very bare-bones, and there are a lot of fees for adding on services.

Plus, their pricing can be complicated to figure out. No business wants to invest money into a CRM tool only to realize they have to invest more to get key functions.

One reviewer remarked,

"The entire pricing system is absolutely exhausting to follow, and unless you hire a lawyer to spend 40 hours reading through it, you may well end up with something you don't need or missing something you do need."

If you do decide to commit to Salesforce, you’ll need to invest additional time and development resources to get Salesforce customized to your needs.

Copper solutions partner, Alex Bass, says “when a new employee says ‘Oh, we gotta use Salesforce, I used it at my last company and it did everything’ the question to ask is - how much was spent to get there? Salesforce was made for enterprise businesses who are doing hundreds of millions in revenue.”

For a growing team, the required time, fees and additional developers can be a steep entry point. Copper has all the functions you need to support your sales team and marketing team and build thriving customer relationships with simple, transparent pricing from the start. We won't charge extra fees for critical CRM features or CRM integrations.

Copper's pricing starts at $25 per user per month, with no hidden fees. With us, there's also no need to hire developers for CRM integrations or add-ons. Everything you need is already built in.

2. Copper puts people and relationship-building front and center.

It's true, Salesforce has a lot of feature capabilities. It has dozens of products, apps and add-ons (including the Salesforce sales cloud) to allow customers to customize and create the CRM solution that fits their business — but only if you have the time, money and development team to implement and build this customization into the software.

Copper CRM focuses on functionality and ease, giving customers the ability to use their CRM software to build lasting relationships right away.

Copper understands that in a world where digital noise is louder than ever, customers and clients are looking for meaningful connections with the people and companies they trust. And they aren’t looking for a cold email or another impersonal, poorly targeted ad. We believe that long-term business success is built on enduring relationships, which emerge from personal connections, not transactions. Our platform is built to enable businesses to scale their relationship-building efforts without losing the personalized touch that is key to meaningful connection.

And Copper still comes with the ability to customize the platform to your business’s unique needs — including adding custom fields and building custom reports, but you don’t need a developer’s help to accomplish this.

We offer more than just complete visibility into interactions and activities; Copper CRM helps automate your recurring tasks to build more opportunities for meaningful connection into your workday — and trigger timely reminders to make sure your important contacts hear from you regularly. More efficiency means you have the time to pick up the phone for a personal birthday wish or take a client out to dinner to celebrate a big win.

How do we make this happen? Among other things, all contact data auto-populates across email and Copper, resulting in near-zero data entry, and prebuilt reports are available right away to offer high-level oversight across sales, marketing and customer success or customer support teams for seamless account coordination and cross-team collaboration.

Copper CRM was created to make building lasting relationships and revenue easier, and you can feel that in every part of our CRM system's design and function. A relationship-centric CRM solution is a definite benefit in the relationships era.

3. Copper is fast, beautiful and easy to use.

Salesforce is a monolithic platform that takes quite a bit of finagling to get right. They've added Lightning, which looks nicer and is a bit more intuitive than their classic interface, but it isn't compatible with all of Salesforce's features.

One reviewer said,

"Salesforce is the most difficult CRM I've ever used. It's amazing to me how the simplest of things requires a salesforce admin to put together. If you're looking for a CRM that will cost you tons of money in support and maintenance, you've found it with Salesforce. Simple, Easy and Intuitive are three adjectives you won't find in the Salesforce vocabulary."

Copper is simple, intuitive and requires no training. It’s built using Google's Material Design principles, which means it looks exactly like the rest of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and offers seamless Google Workspace, previously G Suite, integration. So if you know how to use Gmail, you'll know how to use Copper.

With features like the Chrome extension and the Google Workspace add-on, you don't have to switch tabs to add leads, manage tasks, or track email conversations. Instead, it all happens intuitively and seamlessly, from adding Google contacts to your CRM to updating customer data with the most recent email communication.

Image for post Take Copper for a spin, no commitment required
Free trial

Take Copper for a spin, no commitment required

See why Copper was voted fastest implementation and easiest to use on G2 Crowd.

4. People love using Copper.

CRM implementations fail. Frequently.

A ton of factors go into a successful CRM implementation, but at the end of the day, all that matters is if your team will actually use the CRM. Unfortunately, Salesforce and its sales cloud have a notorious reputation of being too complicated to get employees on board.

As one reviewer remarked,

"Salesforce is a classic case of 'easy to learn, difficult to master.' There are just so many options you can add to the tool, you'll have to be careful not to over-complicat[e] things for your team. Adding too much, too soon can demotivate the people, which will result in them not using it as much."

A complicated system like Salesforce with a steep learning curve will be a tough sell to a busy team, from sales reps to your marketing team. If your employees don’t have hours to devote to learning a new tool, they'll need a CRM tool that's easy to learn and that can be a natural addition to their day-to-day workflow.

Copper simplifies customer relationship management, lead management, sales forecasting, workflow automation, project management, email automation, and more. You can skip the complicated and often frustrating learning process with Salesforce and jump right into building relationships and increasing revenue.

5. Copper is the only CRM built for Google Workspace.

Salesforce can integrate with different Google Workspace tools and Google apps through a variety of add-ons and third-party integrations. For instance, you can connect your drive with Salesforce with one integration (as long as you have one of the more expensive plans).

But you can't integrate the entire Google suite into Salesforce without using a developer and several third-party apps. This is very different from Copper.

Copper wasn't just designed to look and function like Google apps; it integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace's products, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets and more. In fact, Copper is the only CRM that’s a Recommended for Google Workspace app, and it introduces total visibility and organized structure into a suite of tools that can easily become chaotic — for seamless Google Workspace, formerly G Suite, integration.

There's no need to set up training sessions to learn a new tool since it feels and looks exactly like the Google Workspace apps you already know and love.

And not only does Copper sync with your calendar, email, Google contacts and Sheets, but it also lives right inside your email so you can work leads, create tasks, and close deals directly from your inbox.

A CRM solution that lives in the same view as your emails. Say goodbye to tab-hopping.

Want to build better relationships with your CRM? Try Copper first.

If you want to go with a CRM platform that's easy to use, cost effective and built to help you create better relationships with your customers, try Copper for free. If you have any questions about Copper software, reach out — we'd love to hear from you.

Try Copper free

Instant activation, no credit card required. Give Copper a try today.

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