The collaboration dream team: Google Workspace and Copper CRM

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Katrina Oko-Odoi

Content Marketing Manager

We’re all about helping teams collaborate better here at Copper. And Google Workspace (aka the new and improved G Suite) has the same main goal – which is why we like to call it the collaboration dream team.

Google’s new collaboration tool plays perfectly into our mission to help you build relationships and improve communication — we’ll show you how. Plus, we're sharing quick tips for improving your team’s collaboration using Google Workspace and Copper CRM (after all, we are a Google-recommended Workspace CRM).

Improving collaboration and communication using Google Workspace

Google Workspace is like a powerhouse productivity suite with all of your favorite G Suite tools, like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendar and Google Meet — all in one place.

With Google Workspace, you can:

  • Share documents and files with various permissions inside of Google Drive. All the team members can edit and comment on the same documents in real time. Google Drive saves the headache and time of uploading, sending, and editing docs and files to multiple recipients.
  • Communicate via Google Chat inside of applications like Google Docs or Google Sheets in real time, so your teams can build out a shared doc together while chatting about it live.
  • Schedule and start a video meeting at any time from mobile or desktop using Google Meet, Google’s virtual meeting room. It’s great for quick team meetings and brainstorming sessions.
  • @mention other users and immediately see contact details in something Google calls a “smart chip.” This smart chip suggests actions like inviting them to a Meet call or sending them an email, allowing team members to immediately and easily reach out to each other without leaving the application or task at hand.
  • Use a picture-in-picture mode (coming soon) for Google Meet calls happening within Docs, Slides and Sheets. It lets you see the file you’re presenting and the video call participants simultaneously, which is invaluable for those nonverbal cues and gestures during presentations.
  • Share calendars to help support team collaboration. This way, everyone can see what everyone else is working on, get meeting reminders, stay in the loop on company events and more.
  • Create different Google Groups for different purposes. Rather than email people individually in Gmail, Google Workspace users can make several different groups. Instead of emailing your whole sales team, you can email the group using something like, and everyone is included.

These are just some of the ways you can use Google Workspace to improve team collaboration and communication. Here’s how Copper, the recommended Google Workspace CRM, can take it all to the next level.

Integrating and automating team collaboration with Copper

In case you missed it, Copper is the only CRM listed on Google’s recommended applications. There’s a reason for that. We were built specifically to integrate with Google Workspace, and we prioritize productivity and collaboration through deep, native integrated automation.

Copper integrates with Google Workspace to become a seamless Google Workspace CRM in the following ways:

  • Google Workspace’s data syncs with Copper automatically
  • Copper suggests new leads and helps you update old ones using your Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Google Calendar and contacts are automatically synced with Copper, so you never have to worry about missing a meeting again (seriously!)
  • Copper sits inside your Gmail inbox and Calendar using the Copper Chrome extension, so you never have to waste time switching tabs and hunting down information again
  • Our Google Calendar integration lets you instantly view enriched contextual information around every Calendar event with one click, so you’re always prepared for your next meeting — and know exactly how to follow up
  • Grow your network faster by adding meeting participants to Copper from Calendar in one click. Find new leads and update old information based on Copper suggestions so you never lose touch with important contacts
  • Easily attach and access anything from your Google Drive via Copper, including Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides
  • Information sharing works both ways. You can even export data from Copper into Google Sheets
  • Start Google Meet video meetings right in Copper OR add leads, prospects and contacts straight from Gmail or Calendar. Our two applications work together seamlessly, so you can work where you’re most productive without losing valuable data

Plus, Copper users can easily build reports, create pipelines, and collaborate using Google Workspace’s host of collaboration features.

You don’t have to click from tab to tab to navigate from your CRM to your Workspace apps anymore. With Copper, you’re pretty much getting a Google Workspace CRM. You don’t have to do anything twice — it all integrates automatically. Pretty cool, right?

You can also use Copper’s host of collaboration and automation tools to take your in-house communication and collaboration up another notch:

  • See a real-time feed of all activities and interactions related to accounts, contacts, deals and leads in a single place, which is terrific for gaining quick insight into what’s going on everywhere.
  • Effortlessly track the health of your business using our robust Reports suite with prebuilt templates to track important metrics like sales performance and opportunity pipeline won and lost
  • Enjoy CRM sales automation by setting up workflow automation so automatic processes are triggered based on a predetermined set of actions. Put tasks you do all the time on autopilot and keep everything running smoothly while freeing up time for collaboration.
  • Take advantage of automatic data-capture to find new leads.
  • Easily and quickly reach out to team members using @mentions when you need their help.
  • Leverage full-circle CRM system project management by tracking project details from start to finish, so the whole team can collaborate effectively and get projects completed on time, every time.
  • Integrate your Copper CRM with iOS and Android to receive updates, chat with team members, and update your opportunities wherever you are.

Put the ultimate dream team to work for you

It’s easy to see why combining these two platforms is a recipe for improved collaboration and communication – and why Copper is the recommended Google Workspace CRM. These are just some of the ways you can improve collaboration with Google Workspace and Copper. It’s the duo that just keeps on giving.

We’ll keep powering our CRM for Google Workspace, just like we’ve always done, so you can focus on building better relationships with your customers and team.

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