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A real estate secret weapon: CRM

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Author photo: Jenna Bunnell

Jenna Bunnell

Technology is evolving.

Duh. That’s nothing revolutionary. But after learning just how much of the real estate industry is still working in spreadsheets… I feel the need to state the obvious.

I get it. Maybe you know your agents all too well and realize they’re not going to fully utilize CRM, so why even try. Or, maybe you’ve actually tried to transition into using one and you found yourself having to change your workflow and tailor it to the CRM tool—instead of the other way around.

Maybe your agents never used the CRM because it involved waayyy too much data entry to actually track any data—and they never entered the data anyways, so your reporting was always off.

Whatever the case may be, we’ve seen it… and we’re here to tell you, you have options and trust us when we say it’s worth it in the end (we have the ROI examples to prove it).

Yesterday, we hosted a webinar about CRM in the real estate industry.

If you missed it, here are just a few key takeaways we discussed:

The roles of the agent and of the brokerage are changing as technology evolves. Where agents were once needed, their roles have now shrunk thanks to the internet. For example, buyers now have access to listings and property data at their fingertips.

But although information is easily found online, 90% of buyers still use an agent to purchase their homes. There’s still hope for agents!

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Sell more

Learn about the best brokerages and real estate agents are using CRM to stay on top of tasks, open houses, and relationships.

So how can agents and brokerages differentiate themselves in such a saturated market?

There are actually many ways to do this, but here are a couple of the main ways:

1. Responsiveness

2. Use of technology

A CRM makes you more effective because it can:

  1. Help you effectively manage your entire network of contacts (we know you have a lot).
  2. Automate your follow-up emails across thousands of clients and contacts
  3. Manage all steps of the sales process, giving you visibility into the progress of your deals.
  4. Make your team mobile—wait...they can be on the road and track every communication still? YES.

What we’ve learned, CRM adoption is a huge problem. Which is why choosing the right tool for your business is key. Otherwise, it’s money drained and time spent trying to structure your processes to fit the technology, when in reality, the tool you choose should be customizable to fit your unique use case and workflow.

Agents should be able to check tasks, see all email communication, and be able to collaborate directly with their manager or coworkers seamlessly within their system.

As a brokerage, you need to know which leads are successful, how much activity agents are logging, and what it takes for an agent in your organization to be successful.

These are just a few of the ways that using a CRM can make you and your agents more successful. If you missed the webinar, you can check it out here—we’ll also go through the ROI of using a CRM and walk you through a quick demo of what your super-optimized workflow could look like. Happy selling!

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