Eco health is business health

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Author photo: Christina Scannapiego

Christina Scannapiego

Director, Content Marketing

Run your business more sustainably for time and cost efficiencies

You probably know us as the CRM for people who care about people. As a relationship-centric CRM, we’re dedicated to helping you grow by making it easy to build strong relationships with your customers.

But here’s something you might not know: We’re also proud to support companies that put the health of the environment first, and we’re working to do our part to minimize waste and increase efficiencies to support planetary health.

Protecting the planet, one digital interaction at a time

Here at Copper, we support sustainability with all-digital paperless communication and the tools to help our clients do the same. Aside from keeping our planet healthy and demonstrating your sustainability commitment to customers, going fully digital can actually increase efficiency and profitability. It may seem like all companies have gone digital by now, but there is still an astounding volume of printed paperwork in many industries, from real estate to brick and mortar retail.

A simple switch like going fully paperless saves companies around $80 per employee every year. And 84% of companies who go digital achieve an ROI in less than eighteen months.

Going paperless also boosts efficiency since an estimated four weeks is lost each year due to mislabeled, misfiled, untracked or lost documents. Plus, it even increases staff productivity by 30%.

Going digital isn’t the only sustainability initiative with such impressive benefits. Putting a holistic sustainability program in place can deliver significant results across the board.

One study found that the top 100 sustainable global companies experience higher sales growth, profit before taxes and cash flow than other companies without sustainability measures. During the 2008 recession, companies that were committed to sustainability had above-average performance in the financial markets, the same study found.

These studies and stats prove that it pays to be sustainable – literally.

5 tips to build a more eco-conscious company

You don’t have to be a publicly-traded company with huge ESG budgets to make an impact and feel the benefits. Here are some easy tips to get started.

1. Paperless communication.

We may be preaching to the choir a bit here, but did you know the average worker still uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year? From homebuyers signing hundreds of pages of printed closing documents to restaurants dealing with paper vendor invoices, many companies have yet to enjoy all the efficiencies that come with fully digitizing their systems and processes.

If a full digital transformation feels overwhelming, start by tackling one system at a time. For example, get rid of the physical signatures and paper invoices by moving to online options like e-signature software and digital financial statements. There’s no shortage of digital alternatives to paper communication. Of course, communication tools including a productivity suite like Google Workspace and a relationship-centric CRM like Copper will help you digitize and streamline multiple processes – from internal collaboration to customer communication.

2. Digital file-sharing.

Another way to cut back on paper, ink and file cabinet storage is via digital file-sharing. It’s time to fully embrace the cloud and move your files online. This not only increases sustainability, but it improves efficiency too.

Digital file sharing and storing is also a terrific way to keep a digital archive of your business. It’s much easier to search for documents, invoices and customer communications when they’re easily accessible in the cloud. Not to mention version control of documents with time stamping and other electronic file data.

3. Digital reports.

Much like paperless communication and digital file-sharing, going with digital reports instead of printed reports (which quickly become obsolete) is a terrific way to quickly and sustainably get your team on the same page.

No more manually stuffing binders and making copies of the same report for ten people. Whether it’s a companywide quarterly report shared in a digital deck or focused sales reports viewable via online dashboards, being able to access centrally located reporting assets is a win for everyone on the team. No more worrying about outdated versions hanging around the office: a digital report is always up-to-date and easy to find.

Our new reporting feature is a perfect example – it gives our customers quick access to what’s going on inside their business in real time, with no paper required!

4. Use smart tech.

Leveraging smart tech is an easy way to increase your sustainability and save money. Internet of things (IoT) devices are quickly populating our daily lives – and bringing efficiencies with them. From smart thermostats that turn off at a specific temperature to smart light switches that dim when no one is in the room, these intelligent solutions cut down on wasted energy without human interference. One store reduced energy consumption and saved $3,000 every year by simply setting their AC to automatically turn on at 75 degrees instead of 74.

Smart power strips are another much-needed sustainability tool as we continue to plug more and more devices into outlets. These strips cut off power to devices that are switched off to minimize energy consumption from “vampire power.” Many companies have started utilizing IoT-powered systems connected to office equipment to schedule maintenance and refill replacements on printers and copiers, helping reduce waste and save energy.

5. Opt for energy-efficient appliances.

When replacing old hardware or appliances, a simple policy mandating purchase of energy-efficient equipment that meet certain standards like Energy Star can go a long way. Even just changing 5 standard light bulbs to energy-efficient bulbs saves $75 every year. Switching every lightbulb across multiple office locations could deliver significant savings (and the environment would thank you for it).

Take steps to increase sustainability – and benefit from the results

Simple steps towards sustainability can have dramatic positive effects on the environment and your business’s health.

Copper helps businesses optimize digital workflows, reduce paperless communication, automate and use digital reports. We’re happy to support our customers in meeting their sustainability commitments. Not yet a Copper Customer? Try us for free today.

Happy Earth Month!

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