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The Copper stories that topped our list in 2021

A look back at noteworthy content that’s worth a second read

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Author photo: Katrina Oko-Odoi

Katrina Oko-Odoi

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

It’s been quite a year. It’s fair to say we kicked off 2021 on a higher note than we’re ending it. Still, with turbulence and hardship came growth — along with major shifts in the working world. Amidst it all, hardworking teams and organizations have met the changes and challenges with resilience, grit and some good old-fashioned hustle.

At Copper, we’ve been keeping the conversation going all year long. And although the workforce continues to evolve as we speak, some things still hold true: building meaningful connections with customers is more critical than ever, small businesses are struggling to get a handle on their business health, the marketing game is changing, and flexibility and collaboration equity are key to an inclusive hybrid workforce — with virtual collaboration tools like Google Workspace and CRM instrumental to creating a level playing field.

Here’s a recap of our top 2021 content that we’d hate for you to miss:

It’s all about communication, baby

Internal communication, external communication, cross-team communication… all types of communication are critical for organizations — especially during (continued) turbulent times.

It’s time to talk: Internal communications in real estate

Getting your real estate team to communicate is tough — even tougher than in many other industries. With agents constantly on the go, here’s how to keep everyone on the same page to drive deals forward.

Communicating with customers beyond the sale

Most companies are great at communicating with customers when they’re ready to purchase. But between transactions is where a lot of businesses fall off. Learn 6 ways to nurture your customers after they buy — and foster long-term relationships.

The small business struggle… with data

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small team or family company, running a small biz ain’t easy. Add a pandemic and labor shortage to the mix, and it can be the recipe for burnout. But staying on top of the health of your business with the right data can help — which is why we launched our new, robust Reports suite this year. Whether you use spreadsheets or CRM, make sure your business reporting meets your company’s needs today, and as you grow.

The appeal of spreadsheets for SMBs: Best friend or worst enemy?

Many small biz owners love spreadsheets, but are they helping or hindering your biz? (We surveyed SMB owners and found some interesting results). Here's how to know when you’ve outgrown spreadsheets — and what to do next.

4 ways CRM data analysis adds value to your business

Tracking the health of your business starts with your customers. They can tell you a lot about what’s working and what isn’t. Learn how to use your customer (CRM) data to strategize for growth.

Marketing is a-changin’ — and we’re here for it

As a company that’s all about building meaningful relationships with your customers, we’ve always believed in the importance of warm connections, trust and privacy when it comes to marketing. And it looks like the industry is finally catching up. With the death of the third-party cookie looming and email marketing practices less effective than ever, now is the time to rethink your strategy.

How to plan for the death of the cookie? Prioritize first-party data

With Google announcing an end to third-party cookies beginning in 2023, first party data is now a must-have. But collecting that data can be a challenge. Here’s how to gather your own, without bugging your prospects and customers.

The loathsome state of my inbox

Copper CMO Carrie Shaw has a bone to pick with cold emails, and she makes some compelling points. Sure, there is a place for cold emails in marketing, but it probably isn’t what you think. Learn how to get cold emails right in the B2B space.

The workforce shakeup… and the new hybrid world of work

The Great Resignation, the Great Discontent, the great reshuffle… whatever you want to call the mass exodus of workers from their jobs in 2021, it left employers scrambling and retailers and restaurants short-staffed. But it also forced leaders (including Copper's own CEO) to think hard about what their employees want, and how to foster meaningful employee engagement in a world where masks, vaccines and mandates are a constant reality. Flexibility and an even playing field are two of the keys.

Flexibility as currency

Workforce shifts have undoubtedly shaken up internal teams, and leaders shouldn’t ignore this unease among employees. Instead, focus on bolstering internal relationships and company culture to retain your best talent and attract ideal candidates. Flexibility is the key ingredient here.

Managing the Great Resignation with a CRM

How can a CRM help you manage employee turnover? In a lot of ways, actually — especially when you’re talking about turnover in your company contacts at key customer accounts. Simple tips to get ahead of client management and harness the power of your CRM so you can maintain your most critical business relationships.

Understanding collaboration equity and hybrid work

When it comes to fostering an even playing field in a hybrid landscape, many companies are in uncharted waters. Equity and inclusion look a little different in a distributed workforce, and it’s important for organizations to adjust their policies accordingly. Learn the basics on collaboration equity and best practices for getting it right.

Copper CEO Dennis Fois and Google Product Manager Ramesh Nair recently chatted about collaboration equity in our latest Coffee with Copper — catch their full convo here.

Collaboration tools for the win in a distributed landscape

If we’ve learned one thing since March 2020, it’s that the same processes we had in place for in-person work don’t hold up for remote or hybrid work. Companies have had to transform their tech stack and biz practices to fit the reality of a distributed work environment, and this shift is still very much a work in progress. At Copper, we’ve been working hard on our integration with Google, because we know that the Google Workspace suite is an essential part of the hybrid workflows of our customers (which is why Copper is now in Google Calendar). And we’ve got lots of content to guide your adjustment to distributed work.

5 team collaboration tools to boost hybrid work productivity

A thriving hybrid work model is only possible with the right tech. We share 5 tools that will help with team collaboration and productivity, no matter where your team is working.

32 Gmail hacks to own your inbox

Gmail is a gal’s best friend… especially when you know all the hacks to put it to work for your specific routine and workflows. We’ve got all the Gmail tips (from sorting inboxes to using preview snippets) to spend less time on email, and become more productive and focused.

Did you miss our big, fat Google Workspace guide? Get your copy here.

Start 2022 off with confidence

Whew, that was a lot. Brush up on your productivity and collaboration skills so that you can step into the new year with swagger. See you in 2022 — get ready for lots more great content. Cheers!

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