Call tracking tools
Call Tracking Tools

6 Best Call Tracking Tools of 2019

And a CRM that ties all your relationships together.

Does your team convert calls like champs, or is something holding you back from turning leads into customers?

The truth is, there’s probably a lot more you can do to reach the right customers and close more deals. Under-optimization in this department can take a significant bite out of your ROI, but luckily there are several powerful tools that turn phone calls into profits.

Here are six of the best call tracking tools of 2019:

optimize calls and close more deals

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PhoneWagon is an industry-leading call tracking platform for funneling high-converting customers to your business. It’s packed with a range of functionalities for identifying top-performing channels, optimizing ad spend, and analyzing sales calls.

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CallTrackingMetrics is a call management platform that uses customizable target keywords to automatically categorize calls. It’s also packed with features for increasing call rates, like automatically matching the contact number on your website with the searcher’s area code.

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Ringba is a reliable, enterprise-level call tracking platform with a full range of tools for optimizing call marketing. Use it to make sense of large amounts of data and boost conversion rates with detailed reports.

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CallRail is a well-rounded call tracking software for optimizing every aspect of your inbound sales calls. With CallRail, you always know which marketing channels are driving quality leads. Use it to analyze call transcripts, train your sales team, and close more deals.

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CallFire is an all-in-one text and call tracking software that takes SMS campaigns to the next level.

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Invoca is the total package when it comes to call tracking and analytics, but it specializes in building customer profiles in real time and delivering the findings to your sales reps while they’re still on the call.

What’s your favorite call tracking tool?

The right call tracking platforms can optimize campaigns and increase conversion rates. Some software, like Ringba, is ideal for handling large volumes of international calls. Other platforms, like CallFire, can boost ROI by optimizing SMS marketing. Which call tracking tools will you add to your arsenal?