Not every CRM is a Gmail CRM

Gmail Detail Activity Exploded

The only CRM that fits right into your Gmail inbox.

Tired of switching between your inbox tab and other windows? Manage your leads, prospects, partners and other relationships ... right from Gmail. Copper Gmail CRM offers invaluable capabilities within your inbox and allows you to categorize your contacts and organize the details that are most important to you.

It’s like having an email assistant

Get notified when your contacts open your emails so that you always know when to follow up. Once you install the Chrome extension, you’ll see all the information you need about anyone who’s emailed you.

Your day takes care of itself

Just one of the perks of auto-magic syncing: Contacts can see your availability and book meetings with you—without the time-consuming back and forth.

Never lose a file again

Easily upload and find Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides (they’re linked directly to your accounts).

Stay connected with your team

Start video meetings with Google Hangouts right in your CRM and talk about critical issues in secure chat rooms with Google Chat.

Manage multiple pipelines in Gmail

Track custom pipelines, see how long each deal spends in different stages, and simply drag and drop to add deals.

Say goodbye to data entry.

Imagine a crm that makes life this easy: not only does Copper scrape the internet to get your leads’ work details for you, it also auto-captures emails and links them to the right companies.

Bring the context around your contacts into your inbox

Gmail can be about more than just communication. And the Copper CRM Gmail integration is so much more than just a CRM that “works” with Gmail. You can bring details and important information about all your relationships into one place, and you’ll never want to use your email without the add-on again.

Ready for a Gmail-friendly crm – and a life without data entry?

See how much faster you and your team can move when you have a crm that doesn’t slow you down. Sign up for a free 14-day trial!