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Google Workspace usage is growing fast… here’s why

Why Copper is betting on Workspace

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Author photo: Katrina Oko-Odoi

Katrina Oko-Odoi

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

It’s no secret that we’re all-in on the Google Workspace productivity suite.

Sure, there are other big players in the productivity market, but considering all the emerging data and trends, we’re confident we’re betting on the right horse.

For starters, there are more than six million businesses paying for Google Workspace right now, and more companies are using Google Workspace than ever before. Between 2019 and 2020 alone, its user base grew by 20%!

But growth isn’t the only reason we’re ride-or-die Google fans.

Not choosing is no longer an option

Here’s the thing. A lot of CRMs don’t pick a team. Instead, they claim to integrate with all the different productivity suites, so they never have to commit. But we don’t think that’s viable anymore.

Our CEO Dennis Fois said it best in a podcast interview, “We believe that CRM should be in the background and not in the foreground, and to build a CRM in the 21st century, the CRM should take a backseat role and be less visible.”

When your CRM works seamlessly with your productivity suite, you don’t need to spend a lot of time moving data back and forth and switching between tabs. But if the two tools don’t integrate closely, you’ll find yourself working in your CRM and your productivity suite separately, which kills productivity and efficiency.

Which is why we built Copper to work specifically with the Google Workspace productivity suite so that our customers don’t have to deal with half-hearted integrations and efficiency hassles. Does that close us off to potential clients? Sure, it does. But we firmly believe that it’s better to be bold and take a stance than provide a subpar integration experience.

We also happen to know that we’re making a bet for our future by committing to Google.

The generational gap in Google Workspace users

By 2025, 75% of the workforce is going to be millennials. And you know which productivity suite they love? Google Workspace. We ran a survey of young professionals and found that 33% of young workers want to be on Workspace.

That number is likely higher with Generation Z. In an article in the TechRepublic, writer Jack Wallen noticed something strange on Twitter. “Google Docs Down” was trending, but Google Docs wasn’t down. Instead, it was over 100,000 tweets of school-aged tweeters talking about how terrible it would be if Google Docs went down because that’s how they do their homework.

Tweets like “When my teacher asks me to turn in a .docx file, I assume she means export from Google Docs,” and “Why would I pay for Office365 when I can use Google Docs for free?” were abundant as part of this trending hashtag. Because, unlike older generations who used the Microsoft Suite for school, Generation Z has been using Google’s productivity suite during their entire school career.

From early education and through college, younger generations are using Google’s free tools to do their schoolwork. Why does this matter? Well, Generation Z is the same size as the Millennial population.

So, while Gen Z currently only makes up 11.6% of the global workforce, it will soon form a much more significant portion. When it does, the legacy corporate leadership will be mostly pushed out and replaced by millennials, who love the Google Suite just as much as Gen Z.

By betting on Google Workspace for business, then, we’re just looking at the facts and setting Copper up for the future. And even if we’re somehow misinterpreting these preferences, we’re still sure about our choice. Here’s why.

The stats are in: Google Workspace is better for collaboration and communication.

Seamless digital collaboration is essential, especially now that around 62% of employees are working remotely at least part of the time. Our ability to collaborate will undoubtedly affect the success of all our businesses moving forward.

Which is why the productivity suite you choose is so important. It’s what enables your team to collaborate effectively in today’s digital world.

A recent survey of Microsoft 365 users and Google Workspace users found that Google Workspace beat out Microsoft in both collaboration and communication metrics.

For example, 92% of Google Workspace users said that real-time collaboration has become their team’s standard, compared to 78% of Microsoft users. Additionally, 50% of Google users strongly agree that it’s easy to get feedback on their documents, compared to 38% of Microsoft users.

One of the most shocking differences between Workspace and Office 365 was in tracking conversations. 43% of Google Workspace users strongly agreed that it was easy to go back to team conversations and reference them, compared to only 29% of Microsoft users.

As this study shows, Google really prioritizes ease of collaboration and communication and continually adapts by adding features to ensure they continue to make it simple to work together from wherever you are.

Why we’re all in with Google Workspace for business

In a recent internal survey of young professionals ages 18-40 working for small-to-midsize businesses, we found that while Google might only hold 10% of the total market share, it jumps to 23% among SMBs. That’s great news for us because we love small businesses here at Copper.

So, yes, we’re betting big on Google Workspace for business because younger generations love it, and it’s much better for collaboration and communication. But, beyond that, we know that if you want to be a CRM that’s better than the rest, you have to commit to providing a seamless and intuitive experience to your users.

That’s what we’re doing. We’re all-in with Google, and we developed our CRM specifically to work with Google Workspace. Copper works in the background so you can focus on what matters: people.

Do you love Google Workspace, too? Try our Google-recommended CRM free for 14 days.

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