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Productivity - 3 min READ

Switching from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace: the why and how

It may just be worth changing productivity suites

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Author photo: Katrina Oko-Odoi

Katrina Oko-Odoi

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Each year, more and more companies are making the move from Office 365 to Google Workspace. With more than six million users, Google Workspace is making a name for itself as the go-to productivity suite on the market.

From its intuitive features to its transparent pricing, there are many reasons for Google Workspace’s growth. Additionally, Google just made it easier to make the switch.

If you’re considering migrating from Office 365 to Google Workspace, you’re in the right place. We’re talking about all the benefits that Google Workspace has over Office 365. Plus, we’ll get into how to move over from Office to Workspace.

And if you’re looking to migrate from Google Workspace to Office 365, stick around, too. You might just have a change of heart.

8 reasons to migrate from Office 365 to Google Workspace

In a head-to-head comparison between Google Workspace and Office 365, Google Workspace comes out on top almost every time. Here are seven reasons why.

1. Simple and focused applications

Google and Microsoft offer pretty identical core applications. From a word processor and spreadsheet to an email platform and more, both suites have a lot to offer. But Google’s apps are pared down to simplify use and focus on collaboration.

Additionally, Google’s applications and features are made to work in the cloud and on your browser, so they never bloat your hard drive — compared to Office 365, which operates better when you use their desktop applications. Instead, you and your team get access to all the applications you need in one place.

2. Preferred by younger generations

We recently ran a survey and found that 33% of young employees want to be on Google Workspace. Plus, other insights suggest that Generation Z has an even stronger preference for Google.

This information is critical to consider because by 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the entire workforce, and since Generation Z is of the same size, it’s important to think about what these younger generations prefer. Migrating over to Google Workspace is a way to future-proof your organization’s workflows.

3. Better communication and collaboration

Google Workspace makes collaboration and communication the epicenter of its productivity suite, and it shows. A recent survey found that Google Workspace beats Microsoft 365 in collaboration and communication. For example, 92% of Google Workspace users agree that collaboration has become a fundamental part of their team, and only 78% of Microsoft users could say the same.

In the era of hybrid workplaces and distributed teams, most companies need a productivity suite that can bridge the communication and collaboration gaps, and Google Workspace is up to the task.

4. Prioritizes ease of use

Most professionals likely have some familiarity with both application suites. But Google Workspace is much easier to use for the layperson. Like with all Google products, Workspace prioritizes ease of use and works seamlessly in the background. With Google, everything is tightly integrated and made to work wherever you are, with easy access from your smartphone or any internet-connected device.

For example, your Google Docs are automatically saved, so you never have to have that fear of losing your work. Additionally, it works offline, too, so you can access everything you need all the time.

5. A better email experience

People have pretty strong preferences when it comes to Gmail versus Outlook. But Gmail comes in at half the price of Outlook while offering the same comprehensive features. In addition, Gmail has advanced security tools to keep your business emails and valuable information safe.

It’s no wonder why so many companies are looking at how to migrate email from office 365 to Gmail.

6. Improved productivity

Google Workspace has been proven to boost productivity. Google emphasizes intuitive features and functions and makes it easy for you and your team to stay on the same page to get work done more efficiently. It’s designed to automate your processes and work in the background of your normal business workflow so your team can get work done faster and easier.

Compared to Microsoft, which requires a separate, local platform, Google Workspace helps companies increase employee efficiency with its intuitive design and customizable tools.

7. Mobile-friendly

Google Workspace offers a much friendlier experience for mobile users. In fact, 76% of all Google Workspace users report using their mobile phone to work (compared to only 61% of Microsoft users). This can be a huge differentiator if anyone on your team works on the go or outside the typical office setting.

8. Copper CRM compatibility

Copper was specifically built to work with Google Workspace. As a result, our CRM automatically syncs all your Google data. We also use your email and calendar to automate lead creation and tasks. Using our Chrome extension, Copper sits inside your Gmail inbox and Calendar, so you don’t have to switch between tabs to access or update your CRM data.

In short, Copper and Google Workspace are a collaboration dream team, and our two applications work together seamlessly to help you effortlessly automate your processes and grow your business. So, if you’re a fan of Copper CRM, Google Workspace is the way to go.

How to migrate from Microsoft to Workspace: make the switch today

Google recently made it much easier to migrate from Microsoft 365 with their Google Workspace Migrate feature. It quickly scans your current environment to help you plan for the migration. Then, it assists with your total migration and tracks the progress.

Additionally, you can choose to selectively migrate or migrate all users, and choose which user data you want to migrate. Before getting started, you’ll want to check if it’s right for you and ensure that your setup meets the requirements.

Once you’re ready, you simply install and set up the Google Workspace Migrate platform to get started. (For a complete step-by-step, click here).

While you’re here, consider giving Copper CRM a try. We help businesses like yours streamline your sales and marketing pipelines, track customer relationships and more from within your favorite Google apps. Try Copper free for 14 days.

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