6 Features for the Future of CRM Software

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Why has CRM become so complicated? Well, we strongly believe it doesn’t have to be that hard. Here at Copper, we’re on a mission to do away with tedious and time consuming tasks in a complicated interface, so you can spend your time fostering relationships instead of dealing with these annoying tasks. Here are six features that are going to shape the future of CRM software.

1. Automatic data ingestion

Who’s got time to scour the internet for every contact detail on a lead? Not you. Manually entering and updating contact information is by far the most frustrating thing about most CRMs. We take care of this by scraping contact information and pre-populating it in Copper so all you have to do is hit enter and they're in!

Because we integrate with Gmail, we also make your life exponentially easier by automatically ingesting all emails sent between you and a contact, no bcc required. This allows you to quickly reference all interaction history with your leads and customers and provides visibility for your team in case you’re ever out of the office or need to quickly catch them up to speed. You’ll never have to find “that one” thread or remember to CC an email to keep your colleagues in the loop.

2. Chrome extension

Copper is a relational CRM, not a transactional CRM, and we’re making sure we work where you do. Since you spend most of your day scheduling meetings and creating follow-ups over email, we built a Chrome Extension for Gmail and Inbox, that puts your CRM directly in your inbox of choice. Work your leads, create new contacts, and update opportunities without switching between tabs.

3. Integration with Google Calendar

We all know manual data entry is the worst. Keeping your system up-to-date with meetings can be tedious and time-consuming. CRM software should help you minimize the time sunk on manual record keeping. The two-way sync between Copper and Google Calendar automatically pulls the meetings on your calendar into your CRM – no more flipping between calendars or manually setting meetings to manage your busy schedule.

4. Hangouts Chat bot

Hangouts Chat is a team messaging tool that offers chatting capabilities between both individuals as well as groups of people in ‘rooms’. Our latest integration allows you to put a smart bot inside the Chat rooms you share with your team. Think of it as your personal assistant for important CRM news. You’ll be notified of critical changes made to Leads and Opportunities you’re working, so you can ensure everything is moving forward.

Today’s teams require more collaboration than ever before. Users don’t have time to toggle between apps, they want to work in the systems they’re most used to in G Suite. The Hangouts Chat bot is yet another addition to the tight Copper integration to help you form a culture of collaboration and be intelligently productive.

5. Integration with Google Drive

Need to attach Google Drive files to a record? No problem. We integrate directly with Google Slides, Docs, Sheets and Team Drive so you can attach things like contracts, presentations, reporting sheets or shared documents to records giving you direct access to those materials from a record. With the click of a button, you and your team have quick access into all relevant information to an opportunity inside your CRM.

6. Google Sheets custom report builder

Every business is different and each has a unique set of KPIs they keep a pulse on. Your CRM is a treasure-trove of crucial data for your business. Our custom report builder allows you to create reports so you can turn that data into insights with our custom report builder that connects directly to Google Sheets. Export any dataset from Copper directly to Google Sheets and create advanced dashboards, reports, charts and graphs collaboratively with your team.

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