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How to Save 10 Hours per Week, so You Can Sell More

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Author photo: Copper Staff

Copper Staff

Contributors from members of the Copper team


Matt Abid is a lead business development professional at Building Performance Team. Based in Michigan, Building Performance Team delivers facility services helping business owners to maximize building efficiency.

Matt has been an avid user of Copper since July 2014. He wears many hats, working in sales, marketing, and account management. Matt says Copper, with its simple and easy-to-implement platform, has helped streamline the process of managing all of these business activities all in one place.


Copper improved the collaboration between Matt and everyone he works with. In his roles as sales manager, marketer, and account manager, it helps him be more informed and always on top of things. A prime example being interactions between his team and their clients.

“Just having this catalog where I can see how everyone has touched the customers is very powerful. I can also coach the team to interact with clients in certain ways.”

“I get cc’d on thousands of emails that I don’t need to know about, but I may want to go through them someday. But you don’t have to hunt through emails or your phone because it’s all where it needs to be. And it doesn’t bother me when somebody is working late night here and sending out emails or texts, because Copper acts as a central place for communication. Copper has helped increase the level of trust and reduce the level of friction between the team members.”


Due to the nature of the business, sometimes months goes by before Matt’s team gets to follow up with prospects. Rather than tracking this themselves, they use Copper to identify contacts they have not spoken to in a while. Copper surfaces contacts with a certain number of inactive days and reminds the team to reach out to them. That’s why Matt and his team “never fall into the out of sight, out of mind process.”


One of the core reasons that Matt prefers Copper over the competitors is the relationship he established with the Copper team; Winnie (customer success manager), Jesse (Director of Business Development) and Jon (CEO). “The best part is that I have established the relationship with the support team that knows me and understands how I think. Winnie knows how best to help me. That relationship is worth a lot of money to us.”

Whenever he had questions or issues, the Copper team would contact him before the end of his business hours to make sure they were solved. “Some companies are too big or they just don’t get it. They don’t take customer feedback but Copper isn't like that. You guys had actually modelled for us some really good customer service.” says Matt.


Like any smart businessperson, Matt hates inefficiency and loves automation. “In a lean startup,” he says, “Whatever you do has a cost, time is money. People often forget that. For a sales person, there’s probably no administrative assistant or someone who can spend time on data input. Copper lets salespeople do their jobs. You are not babysitting data. So automation and keeping clean data are hugely helpful for us.”

Previously he would spend about ten hours each week manually entering data. “Now I don’t have to” he says. Copper automatically migrates data from multiple channels and sources, so he can always count on having accurate and up-to-date information for his contacts. “This is very important especially for high commission based roles like sales and business development, to be able to go do what they are paid for. And for a business owner or a C-Suite, CRM saves you time and allows your salespeople to sell.”

Moreover, Copper has helped him to keep track of his sales performance.

“I can't tell you the number of people who are trying to forecast sales on a spreadsheet.” With Copper reports, he can visualize, track, and forecast sales performance without wasting time on data entry.

Copper has helped Matt and his team save valuable time by eliminating most data entry, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best - selling.

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