Meet Copper:
the #1 Salesforce alternative.

Compete Salesforce Hero@2X

Why Copper over Salesforce?

There's a reason why these companies pick Copper vs Salesforce as their CRM.

  • Natively integrated with Gmail and G Suite for uninterrupted workflow
  • Intuitive user experience that drives 100% team adoption
  • Deployable in minutes, not months so you get the fastest time to value
  • Customizable and adaptable—without IT or admin support
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Compare Copper vs Salesforce.

Try Copper, the all-in-one CRM that drives sales productivity. Bonus: you won’t get nickeled and dimed.

Highest adoption in CRM history.

Copper was built to work with the G Suite apps you use every day, which means it looks and feels exactly like G Suite. It’s so simple, easy, and intuitive that your whole team can jump right in and skip the long training sessions and complicated setup.

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Built for usability and productivity.

Copper automatically tracks and captures contact details, email conversations, tasks, notes, status changes, and more without you having to do a thing. With Copper, you can view and update your leads, accounts, and opportunities right from your Gmail and never have to switch back and forth between your email and CRM.

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Flexibility to adapt as you grow.

Copper was built to be user friendly, beautiful, and easily adaptable to your processes and workflows. No matter how your business needs change, Copper has the flexibility to grow with you. In a few clicks, you can add custom fields, create teams, set permissions and visibility, add pipeline types, and build out integrations into your tech stack—all without needing to be a certified CRM admin.

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Your team needs a CRM that works for them, not the other way around.