Announcing the Add-on for Gmail

You may (or may not) know about the magic our Chrome extension – our users love it because they can access CRM data directly from Gmail or Inbox. Today, we’re excited to announce how we’re making accessing your CRM data even more convenient.

With our new Add-on for Gmail, you are guaranteed to save even more time with the flexibility to access Copper data regardless of what browser you use and is compatible with Android mobile devices. This announcement follows Google’s reveal of Gmail support for third-party add-ons, which allows you to install add-ons directly from the G Suite Marketplace.

We know, that’s a lot to take in. You’re probably wondering what our new Add-on for Gmail actually does for you…

Browser agnostic and mobile compatibility — The Add-on for Gmail works with any browser and on the Android Gmail mobile app, giving you even more ways to access data.

Instant visibility into contact information — Easily retrieve prospect or customer data from Copper through Gmail, including personal details and any logged activities from calls, demos, and meetings. You can also quickly scan for related opportunities, tasks and calendar events.

Simplified data input — Instantaneously add new leads and contacts into Copper directly from email, eliminating manual entry and downtime.

Access to social profiles — Receive links to any of your contact’s social profiles associated with their email, which can help inform prospecting and sales strategies.

… and Perhaps our CEO Jon Lee sums it up best, “Sales teams are working a mile a minute to close deals and drive revenue. By eliminating the need to switch between apps, we’re helping sales teams save valuable time and focus on what matters – closing deals.”

Sound good? Download Copper’s Add-on for Gmail here.

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