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Google Apps CRM: Is it for you?

Why is a Google Apps CRM the best choice for your sales team? A Google Apps CRM allows businesses to effectively improve their customer relationships by helping to achieve goals quicker, close deals in the cloud, and access data from anywhere. For more information on how a Google Apps CRM solution helps businesses reach their sales goals, keep reading.

It Allows Agents to Close Deals Anytime, Anyplace

Need to access information anywhere, anytime? A Google Apps CRM enables you to do just that. Google's team of technical geniuses created a cloud platform that works wonders for sales agents. It allows agents to access important information from their Google Calendar, email or documents from any smart device with internet access. More importantly, it allows sales agents to sync contacts directly from their accounts to their smartphones -- this ensures that they're always prepared to close a deal.

It's Easy to Use

Sales agents don't have the technical experience to crack the code of some of these CRM software programs. This means in many instances they'll require training. If your sales agents are busy being trained, then who's selling? Taking your sales agents away from the phone could cost your company a fortune (especially if they start missing important follow-ups). A Google Apps CRM offers a solution to this problem by providing simple apps with intuitive features that reduce the learning curve.

It Simplifies Processes for Quick Progress

Instead of having to work from several apps and computer-based programs, a Google Apps CRM offers all tools in one easy to access database. By signing in, sales agents and managers can schedule appointments, access follow-up information, save and modify files, and even make phone calls. Since the account can be viewed by any user with authorized access it, this information can be modified in real-time, boosting progress.

A Google Apps CRM Saves Money

Purchasing a server, software and upgrades can cost thousands. If at any time your server or software stops functioning, you will loose even more in sales. Google offers a low-cost solution for businesses to run their everyday operational tasks. It also reduces the risk of operational hiccups due to increment weather or power failure.

Businesses with less than 10 employees can have the satisfaction of using these apps for free, while businesses with 10 or more employees pay just $50 per year to use them. Google maintains and secures their servers and apps, so there's little to no risk of unexpected downtime. Google doesn't just focus on consumers when it comes to finding solutions to everyday technological issues. They've shifted much of their focus to businesses (both large and small) to create a streamlined approach to forging better customer relationships.

As technology continues to shift to the cloud, a Google Apps CRM solution will continue to gain recognition. Mobile technology is growing more sophisticated, and with the use of Google apps, businesses can run completely wireless. Imagine being able to close a deal while having lunch with a client, instead of having to rush to the office.

Imagine being able to access important sales emails as soon as they come through and being able to handle these emails from your smartphone. All of this is possible using a Google Apps CRM.

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