The Win/Loss Analysis Handbook

Go beyond the old-school SWOT analysis.

CRM's been around for a while. You might have even used one or two before. But other than being a glorified digital Rolodex, CRM is rarely used to its full potential.

And if you're still using spreadsheets, you're missing out on task automation, event reminders, email tracking alerts... the little things that make the best teams run smoothly and efficiently.

There are many easier-to-use and more collaborative tools out there than spreadsheets—and CRM is a big one.

In this free Win/Loss Analysis Handbook, you'll learn:

  • how to do a win/loss analysis
  • what pitfalls to avoid when doing win/loss analysis
  • how to choose companies and customers for win/loss analysis interviews
  • how to put together a win/loss analysis report
  • and more!