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Reali Strengthens Real Estate Relationship Management with Copper


With endless intermediaries and real estate agents taking home massive commissions, real estate is often viewed as a dated industry with numerous inefficiencies. Reali was founded in 2016 with the mission to create a seamless, transparent and efficient experience for today’s fast-paced, independent, and mobile home buyers and sellers.

The Reali team has created a unique business model that puts customers first with an innovative app for buyers, and technology-driven seller marketing tools.

Technology has changed the home buying process, as everything from information about open houses to home prices is readily available on the Internet. In turn, millennial home buyers are no longer counting on a real estate agents to do everything for them. Buyers are doing their own independent research to find a home, to understand the neighborhood and quality of the schools, and then going to an agent when they’re ready to make an offer.

Reali Experts work with home buyers and sellers throughout the entire real estate process. Copper helps fuel that experience. With Copper, Reali can make sure there’s always a licensed Reali Expert – or a team of Experts– on the other side of the app ready to provide service to customers.

Before Copper, the Reali team faced challenges tracking in-house communications. They used multiple channels and different technologies to communicate with each other and manage deals. They didn’t have a good way of tracking the number of offers on the table unless they pulled them manually. Even with a small team, they knew they needed a solid CRM system to unify their communications, and help manage and scale their growing business.

“Our criteria for choosing a new CRM was (a) making sure it’s easy to use, and (b) giving our team maximum visibility.” recalls Kim Taba DeRose, a member of Reali’s customer success team. “Unlike traditional agents, Reali Experts work as a team, so it’s important that each Expert has the information needed to help any client at any time. Copper’s seamless integration with G Suite makes this possible, and our team loves the user-friendly interface.”

“The ability to have tasks as reminders for follow-up, helps Reali team members stay on top of important details to complete a transaction. We’re also able to share a Google calendar, so we know who from our team is available. This product transformed the level of communication within our team and made our process run smoothly,” said Virginia Trowbridge, Reali’s Senior Project Manager.

In addition to improving relationships with clients and streamlining internal processes, Copper’s customizations and integrations were strong selling points. “As the administrator, the ability to create custom fields, hide irrelevant ones, and choose the order has been invaluable to our workflow and usability,” Kim says.

The Reali team is also a fan of Copper reporting capabilities. Kim says, “Overall, Copper is our single source of truth.” The custom report builder allows Reali to slice and dice data for different uses; for instance, a daily management dashboard, a data source to mash up with app and website analytics, and various business analyses for insight into the current market. By entering every lead, client, and property into Copper, Reali’s management can view the number of people that signed up in the Reali app, uploaded qualification documents, and are interested in placing offers or listing their homes. Between the sales pipeline, automated tasks, and custom reports, Reali Experts can manage the entire buying or selling process for hundreds of clients at once - while still providing a personal, human touch.

As Reali continues to revolutionize the real estate industry, Copper is happy to help along the way. Learn more about the Reali app here.