Case Studies

Copper CRM and G Suite help RHR International Boost Customer Relations and Sales

Rhr International

Small to medium-sized companies need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software as much as larger companies do. They need to keep track of potential customers, manage customer data and interactions, and get help with the sales process. But big deployments like Salesforce are overkill for smaller companies, which lack the IT personnel required to manage CRM deployments.

That’s the problem RHR International faced. A global firm of management psychologists and consultants providing development of senior management leadership of Global 1000 companies, RHR International was using CRM software that was underpowered, with few features and rarely used by its employees. It was looking for a solution to better manage its sales process and relationship with customers.

Several years earlier, RHR International had switched from Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Sharepoint to G Suite, and wanted CRM software that would work with it. The company chose Copper CRM because it integrates with G Suite, is easy to use, affordable, simple to deploy, and offers a powerful set of tools for managing contacts and the sales cycle.

“Copper was a natural choice for us, because we had already moved to G Suite and were reaping considerable benefits from it. Because of its integration with G Suite, it was easy to get our staff up and running. Copper not only made it easy to centralize all communication but also gave us more transparency and visibility into our business. Copper really turned selling into a team sport.”— Sarah Gilbert, Director of Operations and IT, RHR International

Better collaboration, improved sales

The Copper integration with G Suite allows employees to share documents more easily and get more insight into sales, all with enhanced security. With Copper, RHR International employees collaborate more frequently on sales efforts, track potential customers and deals, and can keep in better touch with customers. For example, when employees share sales contacts with each other using Copper, they often find that other employees already have close relationship with those contacts, helping employees better work together to close deals. The company also has a more accurate picture of its pipeline to better gauge sales projections. Copper uses the security built into G Suite, so RHR International data stays private.

Since Copper integrates so seamlessly with G Suite, RHR International staff required very little training in how to use it. Employees have adopted Copper quickly since the CRM sits right in their inbox and doesn't change their existing workflow. The integration with Gmail has been particularly useful because it it allows employees to organize contacts, meetings, and customer communication all from one place — making it simple and easy to maintain customer relationships.

“We handle sensitive materials from CEOs and top executives of Fortune 100, Fortune 500 firms and Fortune 1000 firms. Because of that, G Suite’s built-in security features are extremely important to us — they’re more powerful than ones we could have developed ourselves,” says Gilbert.

Savings and integration benefits

G Suite is saving RHR International money and enabling the company to get more out of applications that are core to its business. Gilbert says that RHR International is saving 60-80% using G Suite. In addition, RHR International uses G Suite as the center of a group of powerful productivity tools including Copper and AODocs document management software.

“I believe Copper will help us sell faster and get higher-quality clients because of the way it allows people to share information and contacts across teams. It will make it easier for staff to remember the proposals they’ve sent out months ago and have yet to follow up on, leading to increased sales,” says Gilbert.